21 April 2009

Book Review 1 - Dealova

By: Wenny Astaria


Dealova is a first novel from Marchel Adelia she is a female and when the novel appear to public she’s still young, she’s seventeen years old. She’s very like writing, and she’s like be imaginer. Dealova is very good novel, so very much people want to buy and read this book. In 2004 dealova is produce in film. The film is very interesting and the public like that, and the film is success same with the novel. She’s hope the next novel from her, can be appear very fast, and get a good attention from public, same with the first novel.
Dealova, this novel story about a girl, her name is Kara, Kara is beautiful but she’s like to playing basket ball, and she’s like to be comparison like a boy. Kara become a captain in basket ball club in she’s school, and she’s have a lot of friend in she’s school. But she’s just have a best friend, and her name is Finta. Finta is very feminine, it is very different with Kara. They are become a best friend when they’re in junior high school. Kara have one brother, Iras. Iras very love his sister, Kara. He’s a good brother, he’s very nice, and he’s have a band.
One day, in Kara’s school, arrive a new student, to be exact the new student is a boy, and he’s name is Dhira. Dhira is be different class with Kara. So, kara don’t know about this news. Kara be acquainted with Dhira in basket ball’s room. Kara while basket ball in there and Dira come and challenges Kara to be playing with him, and Kara is agree.
Day by day, Kara with Dhira make a serious problem one another. They’re not make a good relationship, but make an enemy. Some day, Dhira have a trouble and Finta told to Kara and Kara help him, and without remember what a problem between they are, Kara and Dhira become a friend. And with Finta’s help again Kara and Dhira make a couple.
Iras have a best friend, and they’re make a band. But Ibel is the most Iras best friend in the band. Iras introduce Ibel with Kara, because Iras want go to Hongkong and he want Ibel to watch over Kara when he’s go. And Ibel promise that.
Three month later, Kara and Ibel more and more closser, and without Kara knows Ibel like Kara, but Ibel knows That Kara Have Dhira, and Kara very love him. But someday, Dhira disappear, Kara very confused, and she’s look for Dhira in Dhira’s house. And the reality Dhira is sick and he is in the hospital. Dhira’s mom tell Kara a story about Dhira, Dhira sick in a long years ago, because he’s girl is die, and hes’s very be struck with that news, he’s doesn’t have wish about he’s live, for that he’s move school in Kara’s school. For one years Dhira cant forget about this news, but since know Kara, Dhira become different, Dhira can smile, and the most important is Dhira have expectatition again in he’s live. But dhira cant live more long again because he’s suffer a serious condition.
Hear that story and the reality of Dhira’s live, Kara very sad, and She’s remember, one day before Dhira disappear , Dhira’s give Kara anything he’s have. And Kara doesn’t know why in that day Dhira plead for Kara to embrace Dhira, and Dhira embrace Kara very strong and very long. And now Kara knows why? Kara very sad then kara begin to cry.
Dhira ever meet with Ibel, and say to ibel to be a watchman for Kara, because Dhira know Ibel love Kara.
Now, Dhira already to go in heaven, Kara very struck, because she’s not ready to be losted Dhira. Karra stress and begin to doing something crazy. Finta and Ibel very confused, they’re so sad to hear that incident, but they’re more sad to look Kara.
Day by day, week by week Kara aware, she’s know Dhira in heaven doesn’t like what she’s doing and begin to be normal.
Finta and Ibel making a plan for Kara birthday, but just Ibel that have a surprise for Kara, and the surprise is Iras. Kara very happy with the present, and say thank you to Ibel.
Not very long with that event, Ibel ask Kara, “ Kara, do you want to be my girlfriend? “ and Kara answer “ yes “.
Kara and Ibel is a couple now. In vacation Ibel, Kara, Finta and her boyfriend, iras and her girlfriend, go to the beach, and Kara invite along Dhira’s brother, he’s name is Adit and all of them very happy with the little guest.
In the morning, Adit want to playing kite, and Kara accompany him. Adit very like playing kite, They are playing until Afternoon and Adit very tired so he’s sleep. After accompany Adit sleep, Kara go to clean up the kite, and she’s look the paper stay in the kite, she’s open the paper and read the word :

Dear my brother Dhira, you can smile in heaven, and don’t worry about sister Kara, because she’s fine in here, and Brother Ibel take care her very well.
I miss you so much

After reading this paper, Kara begin to cry, but she know, Dhira in heaven blessing Kara with Ibel, and send a little angel for guard her, the angel is Adit.

Thank you Dhira, I love you so much, thanks for your present, I am ok in here, take care.

Kara say in heart.


Adelia, Marchel. 2000. Dealova. Jakarta: Gramedia

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