09 April 2009

my Goals and My Studies

My Short Term Goals
Short Term Goals its means between one until three month (1 – 3 month). My short long term goals is want get success in final exam semester one, I want get A-score to all studies when I’m studying in STIKOM LSPR at (1st) semester one. With the manner is study hard and ask if a don’t know.
Oh… I very miss my old friend, friends in my elementary school, my junior high school, and my senior high school. I miss them so much!!! Miss doing something crazy, miss moment when we laughing together, miss moment when we dance together, and more activity we doing together. So… I will meet them in my vacation, and hang-out together with them.
Besides that, I want to find a good job for my holiday (February - March 2007) for spend my time oat that holiday. I think is very nice to me, better than just idle in home. I can give Curriculum Vitae to many companies from now, and wait the call. While I’m waiting I can work in my friend restaurant. Or back to my organization (PRAMUKA – Girl Scout) because in there I can’t get a new challenge, new knowledge and new experience also about public, environment, and nature in many place and many areas in Indonesia. Its very fantastic and very interesting, I very enjoyed that discovered. And because I ever around the Indonesia, in direct manner, I get a lot of friend also. Oh… really precious experience for me, to meet them and see the beautiful nature, its Jesus make from people.
Then I want to vacation to Anyer Beach with my friends at campus. Oh... its very interesting.
But in my short term goals too, I wish to get a new camera, because I like to take a picture in many place and any times, and I now go into member of photography club in STIKOM LSPR, so… for that I should use the special camera. I from now already to save my money, and in three month I can buy this. Amen…

About Public Relations
I think Public Relations means a certain activity or a planning which have the aim to can communicated very well with another people to make mutual understanding between us and public, or between an organization and public. How PR works to interact with another people, the new people which not we know previously, how to make them belief about anything we say? How PR work to make them thinking about our image, our organization image? It’s very good to be popular. PR Make they trust with us. But if people have done belief and trust with us, we should make a good relationship with them so that we can get a good opinion from them and they know that everything we say is true, not only just for get attention from them. And that people always look for us to help anything problems who they have.
But if all the things of that have done PR doing, the PR not yet comes be success. They are must be should doing that to be continued and sustained effort. Because if PR doesn’t do that, PR and all PR work its nothing! In PR work, the PR has a PR management to make the PR work is comes be success. PR management is:
1. Planning
Means before PR doing something they should make a plan for that activity. With that the activities can be a good carried out, because all of that has been prepared with very well.
2. Organizing
Means the activity of PR should be organizing with very well, its can make the activities be a success and we don’t need to work for two times. Because it already be programming with very nice.
3. Actuating
Means if all the thing about prepared the activity is complete, we can act, we can do the implementation of that, of course with safety control in that palace.
4. Controlling
Means PR should be control and evaluate about anything wrong or good in that activity.
To make a good mutual understanding to public, first we should to understanding public and the environment. Because in any country have a different culture so... to make an activity in different country we should appropriate with that culture in that country. Or before we want make something, example: we want to open the restaurant; we need to know what the good price in there? What our menu and recipes public like? What the location is right? To know about that we need to doing research of that. And then we get a data from that research about the entire thing we want. From the data we analysis, what it is true and wrong? What is appropriate with our vision, mission, and our budget? And then we can get the relevant information about that.
Second we immediately make a strategy, PR strategy to get a good carried out of our new restaurant. Strategy is a sub from planning in PR management. Then we make a PR programming from realise the strategy, we can make the schedule, what we want doing first to make the implementation of restaurant. PR programming is a sub from organizing in PR management. We make the implementation, and look what the public’s reaction? Implementation is a sub from actuating in PR management. Don’t forget to do control and evaluate about the entire thing, because we need the critic and suggest from public to make a good services in period which will come. Then must back again in first process, because in PR work must be shall doing that to be continued and sustained effort and public and the environment are always changed. Control and evaluate is a sub from controlling. The last process is we get a feedback from public from all of the thing which we do for get the best sells, and to make a good mutual understanding to public.
In draft can be making one cycle of PR process:
“Mutual understanding”

About Mass Communication Studies
I think mass communication is like journalism. Why? Because, in mass communication we can learn about how the media can persuade the public in very well. How the manner of media make a text about some news in a good language, strong language so that public can understand what the means about the news and public can belief that news.
In mass communication we learn about 5w + 1h (what, when, where, who, why and how) can make a good news. Mass communication not only for print media, but also for electronic media, billboard, internet, computer, and everything media usually public use to see the news.
Media in make a news should appropriate with media freedom, media culture and media law. Because media have that. And in other country have the different culture, freedom, and law, so… we should be carefully of that.
In mass communication have 4 models of communication in use they are:
1. Transmission model
Means how to give the public information without public should give the feedback of the news, but… the public know and understand what the purpose of that news and can open the mind of public views and opinion about that news. Ex: news in TV, media give the information of tragedy bomb 9/11 at World Trade Center, America. Public know about the news, public belief the news, public can views and make an opinion about that, but public give the feedback to the host.
2. Ritual or expressive model
Means how we give the news in many countries, with follows the language in any country, as a respectful to that country. Usually we send the meaning with performance. Ex: HSBC Bank’s advertising in TV we can see how the staffs of HSBC Bank very respect with culture in Japan, they want to shake hands but follow the Japan’s culture, and staffs HSBC Bank in Japan also shake hands with follow the England culture after that.
3. Publicity model
Means like advertising in the road. Give information with the media which can pair on he road, the purpose is give the information to public when the public can’t learn the news in TV or radio, at home but can get information ion the road when they are very busy. Ex: billboard on the road, how to make a billboard very nice to public see, and public have a desire to get more information about the news, while they are not busy. Can in telephone call, watching the TV, or listen the radio.
4. Reception model
Means in one same product very different with the target audience. He sender is potential encoding and the receiver is differential decoding. Ex: Advertising of Sosro Tea and Freshtea, they are a same product work in soft drink, but they are have a different consumer, Sosro tea the consumer is all of public, but more specific to calm thirsty after eating something. And Freshtea more specific for young people, can refresh our body when we very thirsty, and Freshtea have a green tea to make our body health but still refresh and delicious.

In mass communication have the theory of communication, the theory of communication are:
1. Power and Inequality
With the power of the advertising we can get attention public. So... Public just see the advertising public make an opinion and belief with the product. The powers are much budget, using the celebrities, makes advertising appropriate with the targeting of product.
2. Integration and Identity
To make mutual understanding. Helping to establish the public share. Acting as the conscience of society (ex: sunlight demo in door to door). And giving the public to can become a leadership, means if consumers don’t like the product they can don’t buy, and if they like, they buy.
3. Social change and Development
Means if public changes cause the technology grow up, so… the media change too. Ex. Mobile phone they are always change every day, every meek and every month, so… the mobile phone should be change follow the social change.
4. Space and Time
Means give the public the real activity or accident without the public should be there in that location. Ex: tragedy bomb 9/11, at World Trade Center, America. Public know about the news, public belief the news without they are should be America

About Marketing Studies
I think marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying costumer profitably or consumer requirements profitably.
Management means marketers are managers’ not only just employees. Identifying means the costumers or consumers need to be identified, because there are different, different country, different personality and different economic status and so on.
Anticipating means marketers always make a plan from make a program or schedule or event, but that plan not only be make for one plan, its must be make in more than one plan, usually people say in plan a, plan b, plan c plan d, etc. because the trouble has been in anytime, any where, and any when. So… we need to make an anticipating plan to that.
Satisfying mans the identifications, the anticipating plans, its must be satisfy with the costumer or consumer needs. Because that is the more important in marketing.
Profitably means all of the program in marketing must make a profit. But not the cash profit. This are a continue profit. Example we sells one dozen of shirt, but the profit from that sells is not cash but its be continue, one shirt its sell in today, we get the profit, tomorrow can sell five, we get the profit, and so on until the shirt its be complete. Marketing is also means as sales, but it’s wrong!!! Marketing is marketing. And sales is the person who they way in any place for sells the product, or some one is talking with costumer in order to make the costumer or consumer want to buy this product. Sales can us equaling as the marketers. It’s more come closer rather than marketing. Because marketing and sales it’s very different. Its must be remembered!!!

About Advertising Studies
Advertising means how to communication with public with use the print media, electronic media, billboard or else, where the space or the air-time may be purchased for the purpose of persuading costumer / consumer, user and other interested parties of the benefit and advantages of an organization and the products or services it delivers.
Print media means like newspaper, magazine, banner, pamphlet, and etc. electronic media means TV, radio, computer, internet, mobile phone (sms, mms, gprs, etc.).
If we want make the advertising from one product we need to know about all the things of the product. What is the product? What the brand? From what companies? What the promise from the product to can persuade public? What the rational (advantages) the product to can make public belief if the promise are true? What the tone and style from the product? To make a good advertising which appropriate with that? What the excellent benefit from the product? Is there having a sales promotion to advertiser make in advertising? How much the price of the product? How much the budget from the company to make the advertising? Maybe they want to make advertising in print media, electronic media and billboard. Because to make are very expensive.
And how the creative strategies of advertiser make a good and different strategy to advertising the product.

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