09 April 2009



As we know, people always change in every time, everyday, every month and every year. This is happen because of many things; one of them is because of mass media, especially TV Station, as the most important aspect that can influence the reaction of public’s lifestyle. Television now can be access with very simple for everyone without limits of age. But the problem is, not in all programs at TV is good for public. Some programs in TV Station exactly can influence the negatives reaction to public, which would changing the behaviors, habits, idea’s system and character of people whose watch the show, which is can hurt our civilization. Not just that, sometimes TV’s program also can make the people forget themselves with the falsehood’s story that can influence the interaction in their environment.

Many program at TV Station showing the wickedness and miserly which is doesn’t have respect the life and GOD, that can hurt morality, status and physical of the people. The programs also influence the idea’s system of public, they are always thinking all the things is normal and logically to do it. Another things that very tragic at TV’s program is almost in every program using the bad words, sometimes the words that direct to sex, but very seldom TV’s program show the risk of the responsibility that will happen if we do the bad things. The act of the wickedness and miserly like parents and children join to make a lie situation for the sake of money, children reprimand and striking their parents, students hit their teacher, and more another bad habits are appear as an impact from TV’s programs.

The illogically stories like Doraemon, Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, Ultra Man, and more are the easy way to influence the child with the adopt the figure and the character in a story become in the life at day bay day, which is make the children want to be same with the actors. Many TV’s program persuades the audience to life in delusion at a fantasy world, it can make a jealousy between the people and at the end doing the misdeed for fulfills the desiring in necessity.

“What an interesting TV’s program for tonight?” This question already changing the position of the question “Dad, Mom, can you help me to finish this homework? At the previous time ago, a family always has a time for gathering, sometimes eat together in dinner table at the same time they are talking together about anything, change the story in a day and give the opinion form one and another. But now, the dinner table has changing to the Television. The children more happy to spend their time to sit down in front of the television, watching the TV’s program they want better than studying their lesson. Husband and wife always have a quarrel just for take hold of the TV’s remote control. In case while the mother already passionate with her favorite TV’s program in suddenly can become angry her child that just want a milk for drink. Another case is about the child, who can memorize the whole Britney, Peter Pan or any other group band songs better than their own lesson at school.

Television can give many impacts to their audience. This is can influence the psychologist of the person. Television just gives us satisfied just for a moment, like an advertisement for persuade children and adolescent to buy their lie product. The children and adolescent are the sacrifice that always struck hit the negatives influences of TV’s Programs. There is a big prospect for us and the parents to save the children with very carefully in this period. The parents are also need to accompany their child while they want watch the TV and give the guidelines about the TV’s Program. Television already gives the problems in our life. So, please choose the right TV’s Programs that informative, innovative, realistic, logically, and healthy for body. GOD blesses you all.

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