09 April 2009

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release


Jakarta, 25 May 2008 – Today, on 25 May 2008, 105 Production house will release their new film production with title “Bangkit” at Blitz Megaplex Satin lounge – Jakarta. There will be press conference and free goodie bag for all invited. We spread 350 free tickets for all invitation and media.

Wenny Astaria, the Producer of “Bangkit” say “I am interested to produce this movie, because this movie has a message for everybody, especially for those people who are having a big problem in their life. This Movie tells us that we are not the worst person in the world. In this movie Marsyha Timothy act as Keyla, a girl who was depress because of being cheated by her boyfriend, stared by Vino G. Sbastian.

The story of this movie is about a girl; name Keyla which has dated her boyfriend, Adit for four years. But on their fourth anniversary she saw Adit sleep with another girl; name Lani in his apartment. Keyla was angry and so depress and then she run away from her house to calm herself. On her journey, she fined out that she is not the most miserable person in the world. There are lots of people who have more complicated problems then her.

What is make this movie different from other is because of the actress that starred in this movie are the winner of awarding competition in Indonesia. Such as Marsyha Timothy and Vino G. Sbastian who are the winner of Best Actress in Panasonic Award 2007. The scene of this movie was taken at Yogyakarta and Bangka which is still natural and has beautiful scenery.

The Movie, “Bangkit” was directed by Rizal Mantovani, as one Indonesian is best director. Takes only six month to made this great movie with less budget than five hundred million rupiah.

This event have theme is “Green Glamour” because we want to show the scenery of Yogyakarta and Bangka which is still green. Where all the invitation and crew wear a green clothes. The concept of this show is minimalist. We can see it from the beginning until the end of the show.

The event started at 5pm. Begin with red carpet, where all the invitation can show their own style and fashion under the spotlight with many expert photographers to take their picture. And follow by press conference with consist of meet and great and questions and answers session for the media. The event ended with show the premiere of “Bangkit” and dinner together for all the invitation. There is also have a photo session all the invitation with all the production is crews and casts.

105 Production was founded by Wenny Astaria since February 2007. Develop in all entertainment sectors, especially in box office movie. Until now, 105 Productions already to produce three movies which are popular in Indonesia, they are; “Permintaan Hati”, “Untitled” and “I Could Sing of Your Love”. Beside that, 105 Production is also to produce one television movie with title “Hanya Satu” which has release at July 2008.

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