09 April 2009

Review BOOK

Review Story from Study Guide
Communuication Science- LSPR

1. In book’s story tell about the custom of dowry in India countries. When the women should be give the dowry to a man. The dowry can anything, in story the dowry is the land and gold chain. The land is the dowry from Mrs. Rmachandran to Mr. Ramachandran. And the gold chain’s dowry is Sivasokie’s mind which Mr. Ramachandran want to give as a dowry from his daughter, Sivasokie.

2. The custom of dowry in book’s story is very different with my custom of dowry. My custom from china, is when the man which give the dowry from the women. The technical term means like the man buy the women. The sequence are:
1. Man’s families come to women’s family as a sign acquaintance between the both sides.
2. In there they make a plan from fiancé for a women and man. They are can exchange the ring.
3. The fiancé is carried out.
4. Man’s families come to women’s family again to make a plan about the date of wedding. Usually in china the name is “shang jyiet”. If the families already to agree with that plan, then 2-3 days after that, the man’s family comes again to give food, clothes, candy, and anything which the women’s need to wedding with his.
5. Before they married, they can make a pra wedding photo. And doing together to make a good wedding.
6. Four days before they married, the man should give much money to women’s mother as a sign cause the mother have take care his daughter very well. In China usually call “milk money”. The money in use at one day before they married the women’s family make a eating together with big families of the women as sign tomorrow the women will bring along the man.
7. Three days before they married, the couple can’t meet one another. It must!!!
8. Before married the couple should give the old person (parents, grand parents, aunt, uncle, and else…) from the both side, the tea as respecting for them. In China calls “Khang Teh”. If the couple step forwarding the sister, or brother so… the couple should give the present as sign of permits cause already to married first.
9. In reception they are can give the wedding’s ring, piece the wedding’s cake, give the wedding’s cake to parent in the both side, and throw the flower, if someone succeed get the flower, old people say, she/he can get a someone special and can follow the couple to married in quickly.
10. Then the wedding’s reception is finish the both side come to one room to eating together for make relationship more and more inter-family.
11. After they married for three days the women can’t come to home of parents, and day’s 4 can come but don’t until afternoon. If this custom can be approving, next they can come any time if they want. Because that is the custom.

3. I thing the custom of dowry is very importing for us, because it’s as long-lasting our culture so that not extinct. And with that we can say thanks to our family, and give them the best of we can.

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